Director: Julie Kalceff
60 minutes

It gets better

Episode 1 – 23 min
On the eve of her high school debut, Hannah Bradford (model and activist Evie Macdonald) is anxious about the usual stuff: what does her uniform look like? Who will she sit with at lunch? Hannah is also trans, and with her identity comes a unique set of worries, skills and strengths, portrayed here with maturity and authenticity by 12-year-old Macdonald – the first transgender actor to lead an Australian TV series. While First Day always centres Hannah’s experience, the warm-hearted four-parter also paints a broader picture of gender, family and friendship. From sleepovers to periods, every kid in Hannah’s class is facing their own unknown first in this nuanced look at girlhood. Co-winner of the 2021 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming.

The Report Card
Children’s content builds and celebrates Australian identity in all its wondrous complexity and diversity. Following each of The Report Cardscreenings, students can hear from, and speak directly with, the content makers on what they want from the films and TV being made for and about them.

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Film Type TV Series
Program Strand The Report Card
Age Recommendation 12+, 13+, 15+
Language English
Director Julie Kalceff
Producer Kirsty Stark, Kate Croser
Screenwriters Julie Kalceff
Cast Evie Macdonald, Jo Hunt, Elena Liu, Isabel Burmester, Brenna Harding