Sun Oct 23, 3:00 PM
Director: Becky Hutner
93 minutes
All Ages
Mother of Pearl, Amy Powney’s label offers a range of clothes that are bold, beautiful, elegant and completely sustainable. The 2017 Vogue Designer of the Year, had her conscience pricked by her environmentalist upbringing and decided to use her cash prize to design a completely sustainable collection. Aiming to be organic, traceable, pro animal welfare and have a minimal production footprint, her journey takes her to Uruguay, Peru and Austria as she tries to solve an increasingly complex logistical and ethical puzzle. Taking action at the individual level, Powney is a strong enough leader to inspire broader industry and social change. 

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Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Change Award
Age Recommendation All Ages
Director Becky Hutner
Producer Lindsay Lowe, Andrea van Beuren, Becky Hutner
Cinematographer Daniel Götz
Editor Becky Hutner, Sam Rogers
Genre Environmental Issues, Fashion