Sat Oct 21, 4:00 PM
Director: Mark Street
55 minutes
All Ages

Four Indigenous artists create new works that speak to their personalities and challenge Aboriginal stereotypes.

Larissa Behrendt’s You Can Go Now (2022) followed Indigenous artist Richard Bell, who exclaims “I’m an activist, masquerading as an artist”. This quote lives on in writer/director Mark Street’s Dig Deeper.

Maree Clark, already known for her Ritual and Ceremony exhibition, works to prepare her next exhibition. Can the biggest urban art installation in Australia lift her image?

Ben McKeown’s heart attack moved him closer to his country on the Eyre Peninsula. Can he make a comeback as he prepares his exhibition for the Selzer Prize?

Penny Evans has used art to recover her culture and identity, but now her work is about more than just herself. Can her latest exhibition help educate others about the environment?

Blak Douglas has had four attempts at winning Australia’s most prestigious portrait prize. He digs even deeper for his next one … will he win it?

“… the film is shot well and creatively put together, featuring beautiful landscape shots. It combines art with the personal history of the artists as well as the history of Australia for a compelling and impressive documentary.” (Filmink Magazine)

“It is a visually appealing work of nonfiction, which is worth a look even just to see the art itself. However, understanding the artists more makes the documentary even more worthwhile viewing.” (Weekend Notes)

Film Type Feature Documentary
Program Strand (Port) Adelaide Film Festival, World Documentary
Language English
Director Mark Street
Producer Fiona Cochrane, Maree Clarke, Blak Douglas, Ben McKeown, Penny Evans
Writer Mark Street, Maree Clarke, Blak Douglas, Penny Evans, Ben McKeown
Cinematographer Mark Street, Nik Morris, Solomon Jones
Editor Daniela Raulli
Genre Culture, History, Indigenous, Social Issue

Screens with: An Asian Ghost Story

Sat Oct 21, 4:00 PM
Director: Bo Wang
Hong Kong, Netherlands
37 minutes
All Ages

A ghost story departs from a 1965 United States embargo, known as the “Communist Hair Ban”.

Premiere Australian Premiere
Film Type Short Documentary
Program Strand (Port) Adelaide Film Festival, Shorts Before Features
Language English
Subtitles English
Director Bo Wang
Producer Ruoyao Jane Yao
Writer Bo Wang
Cinematographer Yazuv Selim Isler
Editor Bo Wang
Cast Michael de Ross, Sidney Vereycken, Sai-wang Lau, Zoenie Liwen Deng, Ruoyao Jane Yao, Zoe Tang, Jo-lene Ong
Genre Docu-Drama, Documentary, History, Supernatural, Women