Director: Catherine Dwyer
89 minutes

A generation of women that changed the world

Women achieved an enormous amount during the decade beginning 1965. Equal pay, childcare, refuges for those suffering rape and domestic violence, the availability of abortion and contraception, gay pride, aboriginal recognition, women’s place in politics: all these issues and more came together in the Women’s Liberation movement at this time, transforming Australia irrevocably. As one participant in this documentary observes, this history is one that constantly needs to be re-told. Brazen Hussies reveals an exciting and revolutionary chapter in Australian history, interweaving archival footage, and lively personal accounts from political activists including Anne Summers, Elizabeth Reid, Pat O’Shane and Eva Cox. There are also major figures in the film movements of the time: Martha Ansara, Gill Leahy, Margot Nash and Barbara Creed. We should never allow ourselves to forget how a daring and diverse group of women joined forces to defy the status quo, demand equality and create fundamental social change.

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Changing The Status Quo, Queer as Film
Language English
Director Catherine Dwyer
Producer Philippa Campey, Andrea Foxworthy
Screenwriters Catherine Dwyer
Cinematographer Anna Howard, Sky Davies, Erika Addis
Editor Rosie Jones
Music Amanda Brown
Genre History, Women