Fri Oct 27, 2:30 PM
Director: Elena Carapetis
14 minutes

After surviving a horrific assault by her husband, Helen uses the time of his incarceration to plan her revenge. She painstakingly rebuilds herself into the entity that will have the most power over him: a beautiful woman. A surrealist, modern take on the Gorgon myth and a cautionary tale about what happens when you suppress and disrespect the Divine Feminine.

Premiere World Premiere
Film Type AFF Investment Fund, Short Fiction
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund, Made In SA
Language English
Director Elena Carapetis
Producer Lisa Scott, Adam Camporeale
Writer Elena Carapetis
Cinematographer Emerson Hoskin
Editor Jack Smith
Cast Anna Lindner, Anna Steen, Brendan Rock, Henry Cooper, Elvy-Lee Quici
Genre Reality, Satire, Women