Sun Oct 30, 1:00 PM
Director: Penelope McDonald
84 minutes
All Ages

A tender portrait of one of Australia’s most unique families.

An insightful and loving observational documentary filmed over a decade, Audrey Napanangka celebrates the life of an indomitable Walpiri woman, mother, artist and actor. Audrey lives in Alice Springs with her Sicilian partner Santo and their large brood of children and grandchildren – a close unit that thrives at the unique nexus of Walpiri, Anglo-Australian and Italian culture. “I look after a lot of people,” admits Audrey, as she selflessly uses her vast knowledge of culture, language and Law to lift up all those around her. It’s an enriching privilege to be granted access to her experiences.
“Audrey as a senior woman has a deep understanding of what it means to be Warlpiri. She gave us fantastic access to her life, and aspects of Warlpiri culture and of the issues that affect her, living as she does away from her lands, and in a colonised world. I feel privileged to know her and play a role in amplifying her life story.” (Director Penelope McDonald)

World Cinema Program presented by

Program Strand World Documentary
Language English
Director Penelope McDonald
Producer Penelope McDonald, Trisha Morton-Thomas, Rachel Clements
Writer Dylan River
Cast Audrey Martin Napanangka
Genre Drama, First Nations