Director: Brad Gustafson
60 minutes

Hard yakka for little tackers

Episode 5 – 24 min
Young people today cop a lot of ribbing for having an easier life than their forebears. This ABC Me series road tests that generalisation, daring 21st century Australian kids to tackle the jobs and hobbies of yesteryear. In this episode, ‘The Original “Ghan” Trains’, Ezekiel, 13, and Nathaniel, 14, are tasked with trekking in the footsteps of their 1900s predecessor William Satour and his desert country camel train. The rolling purple hills of Adnyamathanha Country may provide a picturesque backdrop for the journey, but leading a caravan of camels through the heat and flies is no small feat. Will the laidback lads rise to the challenge and – with the help of convivial host Ghenoa Gela – learn more about their Afghan and Aboriginal heritage along the way?

The Report Card
Children’s content builds and celebrates Australian identity in all its wondrous complexity and diversity. Following each of The Report Card screenings, students can hear from, and speak directly with, the content makers on what they want from the films and TV being made for and about them.

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Film Type TV Series
Program Strand The Report Card
Age Recommendation 10+, 12+, 13+, 15+, 7+, 8+
Language English
Director Brad Gustafson
Producer Vanna Morosini
Screenwriters Vanna Morosini
Cast Ghenoa Gela, Ezekiel, Nathaniel