Director: Betania Cappato
80 minutes
All Ages

It takes a village to raise a child.

Soft as a cloud and rich with lived-in detail, Betania Cappato’s ode to neurodiversity is a breath of fresh air. Based on the writer-director’s own experience with a sibling on the autism spectrum, the gentle film follows Ema (Clementina Folmer), a nonverbal six-year-old starting school in a rural township outside Santa Fe, Argentina. In these scenarios, historically, characters with disabilities have either been subject to trauma and suffering, or deployed in Oscar-baiting tales of cloying inspiration. Here, Ema simply gets to be. Though her nature presents certain hurdles for her parents, teachers and classmates, Ema’s community adapts to her capacities, giving her space and time to quietly thrive on her own terms. A meditative, sun-drenched snapshot of allyship.

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Program Strand Feature Fiction
Premiere Australian
Age Recommendation 10+, 12+, 13+, 15+
Language Spanish
Subtitles English
Director Betania Cappato
Producer Iván Fund, Betania Cappato
Screenwriters Betiana Cappato, Iván Fund
Cinematographer Iván Fund
Editor Iván Fund, Betania Cappato, Mariano Luque
Music Mauro Mourelos
Cast Clementina Folmer, Mara Bestelli, Pablo Ruíz Seijo

Screens with: Down to Earth

Director: Nick Crowhurst
10 minutes
All Ages

An out of this world adventure where destiny is written in the stars

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Age Recommendation 10+
Language English
Director Nick Crowhurst
Producer Jodie Kirkbride
Screenwriters Stephanie Jaclyn
Cinematographer Maxx Corkindale
Editor Nick Crowhurst
Cast Sebastien Skubala, Liam Daughtry, Kiki Nicholls