All Ages

Hosted by Sandy George

THE DIRECTOR: Kriv Stenders, the personification of momentum
Anyone who wants to understand directing who hasn’t seen Boxing Day needs their head read. Ditto anyone who wants to create a box office hit who hasn’t seen Red Dog. Ditto anyone who wants to stay positive in a tough industry. Please welcome (drum roll) Kriv Stenders.

STORIES: New voices, faces, perspectives
Society is a mass of overlapping communities. Sometimes stories from the smaller communities become part of the central narrative while holding tight to authenticity. Various initiatives and strategies for helping more such stories emerge are on the table, at Screen Australia, within Closer Productions, and elsewhere.
FILM AND TV: Producing in the Time of a Pandemic
Who knew CoVID-19 was coming? Next to no-one. Now everyone is pivoting to suit the next reality. Speakers will discuss how they think about development and physical production in a world that feels like a dystopian film – and reveal how the producer brain operates in the process.

GAMES: Making Them, Playing Them
The players, the politics, the pluses, the pitfalls, the present. To some extent every aspect of the screen industry is in its own little bubble. Or is it? This look at the games industry in South Australia will particularly focus on future proofing, planning and profiting.