Director: Seth Larney
115 minutes
Unclassified 15+

Adelaide it’s time to frock up, dust off your best outfit and treat yourself to a facial, it’s time to come out and have some fun!

The fight for the future has begun—right here in Adelaide. 

The year 2067: Earth has been ravaged by climate change and people are forced to live on artificial oxygen. Humanity’s only solution is to build a quantum time machine to ping the future for answers from our descendants. A response sends Ethan, a reclusive utility worker, barrelling into the future as the only hope for his species. He is thrust into a terrifying new world that threatens his mission to save his dying wife. An Adelaide-filmed sci-fi with a star-studded cast makes this one of the must-see titles of the Festival.

Special guests will be in attendance alongside the filmmakers.
Following the screening, head over to the AFF Opening Night celebration in Ebenezer Place & Vardon Avenue to party like it’s 2020 (socially distanced and seated) alongside an A-list of screen industry in unique Adelaide style.
AFF is committed to ensuring our events are COVID-Safe. As such, there will be three staggered session times from 6pm.

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund
Premiere World
Language English
Director Seth Larney
Producer Lisa Shaunessy, Jason Taylor, Kate Croser
Cinematographer Earle Dresner
Editor Sean Lahiff
Music Ken Lampl, Kirsten Axelholm
Cast Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ryan Kwanten, Deborah Mailman
Genre Environmental, Sci-Fi, Thriller