Tom Zubrycki

14 September 2022

Tom Zubrycki has been making documentaries for over 45 years. He has won many awards for his work and his mentorship on behalf of the industry. As director Tom’s documentaries have a distinctive observational story-telling style, and have focused around a personal response to the issues of the day. Films like THE DIPLOMAT (MIFF 2000), MOLLY & MOBARAK (MIFF 2003), THE HUNGRY TIDE (MIFF 2011) and HOPE ROAD (MIFF 2017). As producer and executive producer Tom has worked both with experienced and also new and emerging directors. Recent films include FAIR GAME (2017), UNDERMINED – TALES OF THE KIMBERLEY (MIFF, 2018), THE WEATHER DIARIES (2020) and ABLAZE (MIFF 2021).

Tom is a recipient of the prestigious Stanley Hawes Award, and has actively championed the cause of the documentary sector over a number of years. His monograph The Changing Landscape of Australian Documentary published in 2019 by Currency House was a Platform Paper about the state of documentary in Australia from a historical perspective.