Jonathan Elbers

27 May 2021

Director Jonathan Elbers graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2012. From his first films, you can see his love for imaginative worlds. With a keen eye for detail and many comic elements, he shapes those worlds in his own unique way, often referring to contemporary society. Jonathan won a Young Director Award for his graduation commercial Hoe Kom Je Erop, a longtake in which a woman tries to escape from an out-of-control film set. He then made more comic commercials for LG, Holland Casino and Skoda, among others. For television, Jonathan directs at Studio Snugger and has made the NTR short Lockbuster and his first fiction series De Staatsgreep. His first film Fashion Chicks was a very colorful high school film. For his second feature film, The Club of Ugly Children, he delves into a completely gray dictatorship where nobody is allowed to be oneself.