A program enabling the most exciting local creatives, producing local IP and showcasing elite talent that will translate to a global market. Three premieres of proof-of-concept films, by three local creatives. Supported by We Made A Thing, UniSA, and Rising Sun Pictures.

Where: Palace Nova Cinema 04
When: Wednesday 26 October, 6:00pm

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The Bad Realms
A young female apprentice starts work for the BRPA (Bad Realm Protection Agency). It’s a dangerous, weird, and crazy profession, but somebody has to do it.
Director/Writer: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Writer/Producer: Tom Phillips
DOP: Rebecca Taylor
Cast: Lauren Koopowitz, Tim Carlier, Connor Mercury

Three criminals on the run, one of them badly wounded, stop at an Old Man’s front door for refuge without realising he is a cop.
Director/Writer: Tom Phillips
Producers: Simon Williams & Brendon Skinner
DOP: Aaron Schuppan
Cast: Luca Sardelis, Tim Phillipps, Barry Cotton

Heavy Red
Three friends in wine country must fight for survival when they find themselves on the menu for a group of rogue vampires.
Writer/Director: Aaron Schuppan
Producers: Ashleigh Knott & Tom Phillips
DOP: Liam Somerville
Cast: Lauren Koopowitz, Jordan Cowan, Poppy Mee

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