16 November 2021

The Adelaide Film Festival is proud to be presenting ‘Best Drama’ at the upcoming 2021 South Australian Screen Awards.

The following South Australian-made films are up for nomination:

  •  No Running (prod. Ashley Webber, Peter Ninos; dir. Peter Ninos; wri. Ashley Webber)⁠
  • The Recordist* (prod. Ashleigh Knott, Indianna Bell; dir. Indianna Bell, Josiah Allen; wri. Indianna Bell)⁠
  • MYTH – The Go-Between (prod. William Littleton; dir/wri. Alies Sluiter)⁠
  •  If I Quit Now (prod. Sam McSweeney; dir/wri. Luke Wissell)⁠
*Also an AFF Investment Fund and 2020 Selection Film.
AFF will be offering a $1,000 cash prize to the winner, which will be announced at a ceremony at the Mercury Cinema on 2 December. Congratulations to all nominees in all categories!
Iamge: The Recordist (Dirs Indianna Bell, Josiah Allen, 2020)