15 October 2021
The Samstag Spring Season takes place across three galleries, each housing a different installation project:

Pilar Mata Dupont: The Ague

Pilar Mata Dupont’s screen-based work The Ague (2018), focuses on Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens, London which houses the world’s largest seed bank, conserving the most endangered wild plants for future use.

Theatrical and intriguing, The Ague transports us into this botanical world through a case study of the Cinchona tree and an adaption of a Virginia Woolf story in which scientific claims acquire increasingly irrational traits, where truths and misinformation, colonial histories, and our ecological future coalesce.

Pilar Mata Dupont is a Latinx visual artist and filmmaker living and working between Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Boorloo (Perth), Australia. This is the Australian premiere of The Ague.


Karrabing Film Collective: Night Time Go

Karrabing Film Collective’s single-channel work Night Time Go (2017) is a feature length exploration of the settler state’s attempt to remove Indigenous people from their lands during the Second World War.

Combining drama and humor and using doctored archival footage overlaid with a quasi-British Pathé voiceover, the work fearlessly imagines an alternative history of the Belyuen community.

Karrabing Film Collective from the Northern Territory, consists of over 50 members, all but one are Indigenous, and range in age from new-born to elder.


Omer Fast: Continuity

Omer Fast’s surreal multichannel video installation Continuity (2012) uses repetition, re-enactment and multiple takes of a given scene, as a way of offering an insight to loss and mourning.

What initially appears as a conventional scenario – a middle-class married couple welcome the return of their son from Afghanistan – is upended through Continuity’s deliberate blurring of boundaries between documentary, dramatization, and fantasy as it shifts between perspectives and cinematic conventions to achieve what Fast describes as a state of ‘productive confusion.’

Omer Fast is an Israeli-born artist based in Berlin, Germany.



Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am—5pm
Free admission, all welcome
55 North Terrace, Tarntanya (Adelaide)
Hawke Building, City West precinct
University of South Australia
Kaurna Country


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Image: The Ague, Pilar Mata Dupont (2018)