13 December 2018

anton banner

We’re pleased to announce that Anton Andreacchio, managing director of Australia’s leading virtual reality company Jumpgate VR, will be joining the Adelaide Film Festival board.

Anton’s involvement with both the Adelaide Film Festival and Hybrid World Adelaide runs deep, with Jumpgate VR sponsoring and supporting the Adelaide Film Festival since 2015, as well as being the host of our VR Lounge. Jumpgate VR also made up a critical and popular component of the 2018 iteration of tech and innovation event Hybrid World Adelaide.

Anton Andreacchio is a South Australian producer and entrepreneur, working across new screen technologies and applications.

Anton has produced pioneering works in virtual reality, including Summation of Force, Stuck In The Middle With You, and Once Upon A Time In the Western Suburbs, and founded VR/AR studio Jumpgate. Since 2014, Jumpgate has also produced the first VR Symphony Orchestra Concert in the world with the Adelaide Symphony, and utilises the technology for training projects in high performance sport and construction industries.

Jumpgate has sponsored and supported the Adelaide Film Festival since 2015, as well as the Australian International Documentary Conference (2018), Melbourne International Film Festival (2017, 2018), the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Australian String Quartet.

In addition to Jumpgate, Anton has founded three other screen business: Convergen, an animation company that specialises in infrastructure visualisation and has completed over 400 projects, production company Double Bishop, and data science consultancy, GMTI Consulting.

Anton has just been appointed a member of the South Australian Film Corporation Board and is on the inaugural Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, which has supported the launch of the new South Australian Office of the Chief Entrepreneur.

We’re excited to see Anton bring his industry expertise and passion to the Adelaide Film Festival, and trust you will join us in welcoming him!