ADL Film Fest Thanks

Acknowledgements & Thank Yous

AFF Board
Sandra Sdraulig AM  – Chair
Greg Knagge – Deputy Chair
Maria Ravese  – Audit Sub Committee Chair
Martha Coleman
Andrew Mackie
Jamie Restas
Sam White                                                                                                                        

Margaret  Pomeranz
David Stratton

Tilda Cobham-Hervey

Festival Director/CEO – Amanda Duthie
Festival Office Manager – Fiona Heuch
Finance Manager – Marg Winterhalder
Publicist – Mark McGowan
Program Manager – Mat Kesting
Program Consultant – Adele Hann
Program Consultant and Writer – Mike Walsh
Program Coordinator – Amanda Hawley
Screenings and Freight Coordinator – Toby Bramwell
Travel Coordinator/Hive Lab Coordinator – Belinda Hall
Industry Liaison SAFC – Sarah Lancaster
Animation Curator – Eddie White
Events Producer – Donna Tripodi
Marketing & Partnership Manager – Clare Healy
Marketing & Partnership Coordinator  – Priscilla Barletta
Digital Marketing Coordinator and Writer – Aimee Knight
Digital Marketing Consultant – Jacquie Lee
Graphic Designer – Cinzia Di Vito
Graphic Designer – Tyrone Ormbsy
Publicity Coordinator – Cat Campbell
Interns – Harry Tregilgas, Russell Jenkins, Terri Arnold, Wendy Fowler

All of our heroes

Production & Operations Team
Box Office Manager – Dani Raymond
Box Office Staff – Angelica Harris-Faull, Anna Coleman, Georgina Cunningham, Ingrid Goetz, Jennifer Heuch, Julie Fuss, Lara Parker, Robin Parkin, Scott Edwards, Susie Gold, Tamara Collins
Production Manager – Freddy Komp
Production Coordinator – Angela Rodger
Technical Coordinator – Andy Beecroft
Front of House Manager – Ryan Kris
Volunteer (aka Heroes) Coordinator – Dahlia Opala
Stage and Venue Managers – Ali Ashdown, Marg Crompton, Stephanie Fisher, William Jarman, Rohan Yates
Production Assistant and Site Designer – Mikki Reichstein
Site Builders – Alex Hayley, Nemo Frohlich
AdFiles/Format Conversions – Matthew Aldous

Tim Jarvis
Simon Bryant
Richard Kuipers
Maggie Lee
Sandy George

Emerging Curators
Jane Howard
Mike Retter
Nicholas Godfrey
Chris Luscri

Andrew Bunney
Anna Rogers
Anna Wishart
Becci Love
Chrissy Kavanagh
David & Maureen Swallow
Helen Carter
Mark Knight
Ron Hillinga
Sandy Cameron
Sarah Wishart
Tess Appleby
Zoe Wallin

Website Design & Ticketing
I-NEX Corporation

Festival Photographers
Sia Duff
Sam Oster
Tyrone Ormsby

Images supplied by 
William Yang
Jason Porter
Randy Larcombe

2015 ADL Film Fest Creative Campaign 
Agency – Nation
Strategy – Greg Knagge
Creative Director – Geoff Robertson
Creative / Art Director – Jane Keen
Writer – Rory Kennett-Lister
Writer – Charlotte Clarke
Project Director / TV Producer – Judi Oehme
Director – Nick Matthews
AD – Travis KalendraIst
DP – David Gregan
Stills Photographer / 2nd Unit Camera – Alex Robertson
Camera Dept Asst – April Vittiglia
Stills & 2nd Unit Assistant – Nick Evans
Grip/Gaffer – Marcus Bosisto

Costume Supervisor – Mariot Kerr
Hair / Makeup – Sue Taylor
Art Dept – Dave Wilkinson
Work Experience – Thu Nguyen
Facilities – Anomaly Studios
Equipment – Picture Hire
Image Retouching – Trent Franks
Editor – Merlin Post (Richard Lanyon)
Smoke Editor – Sparkl (Mark McKenna)
Sound Design and Music – Best FX (Pete Best and Scott Illingworth)

Tech & Collateral
AV – Mosaic
Distribution (program) – Passing Out
Print Broker – Print Solutions
Signage – Visual Com
Printing – Bowden Group

Creative Director – Lynette Wallworth
Catering – Klink Catering
Hive Lab Coordinator – Belinda Hall
Thanks to St Paul’s Creative Centre

Palace Nova – Karen Karpinsky, Scott Gregory
Mercury Cinema / Media Resource Centre – Gail Kovatseff, Rachael Hetherington, Ryder Grindle
Wallis Cinemas (Mount Barker & Piccadilly Cinemas) – Paul Besanko, Bob Parr, Ben Huxtable
MiddlebackArts Centre, Whyalla – Ryan Sutherland
Northern Festival Centre, Port Pirie – Julie Thomas
Chaffey Theatre, Renmark – Sharlene Martin
Black Cockatoo Arthouse – Greg Woods
Freemasons Hall   

9ers Entertainment
Amanda Hickey
Annemarie Jacir
BAC Films 
Bearfoot Communications
Beaver and Beaver
Best Revenge Productions
Bonsai Films
Celluloid Dreams
Cercamon World Sales
Closer Productions
Contact Films/Bonsai Films
Entertainment One Australia
Figa Films
Film Sales Corporation
Films Boutique
Films Distribution
Funny Balloons
Haslund Film
Hopscotch Pictures
Interloper Films
Jo Dyer
Kojo Pictures
Little Monster Films
Madman Entertainment
Memento Films International
National Film and Sound Archive
Noah Hutton
Noori Pictures
Pyramide International
Roast Beef Productions
Screen Live
Sharmill Films
Shochiku Co. Ltd
Sony Pictures Releasing
Stephen Page
Studio Canal
Ten Foot Films Ltd 
The Film Collaborative
The Kino Film Co
The Match Factory
Universal Pictures
Vendetta Films
Vertigo Productions
Waterbyrd Films
Wild Bunch 
You Know Films                                                                                                       

Thanks to…
Richard, Pele
Adam Gibbons
Annabel & Robert Hill-Smith
Amanda Blair
Paul Jury
Wakefield Press  – Michael Bollen and Julia Beaven
Festivals Adelaide & Christie Anthoney
Rolf & Molly
Judy Potter – SAFC
Annabelle Sheehan – SAFC
Jo Jo
Filmmakers, guests, speakers and moderators
Scrabble SA
Amy Schumer
The Quiz Horse Whisperer, Colin Moglia
Charlie Whiting
Olly, Lisa, Andrew, Jennifer
Snap Adelaide Flinders Street
Frewville Bakery
Gaelle Mellis
Vicki Sowry
Lisa Gerrard
Peter Drew
Maryanne Redpath
Alan Lloyd
Dale Fairbairn
Gabriella Smart
Sports Phan
Jane Marr
Pat Rix
Sue Morley
Bev Scott
Anne Rundle
Jo Kerlogue
Erica Green
One Small Room
Jo Caust
Sue Cato
Penny Smallacombe
Fran├žoise Piron
Alison Bechdel
Kris Lloyd
Brian Parkes
Kimberley Susan
Film Buff Central
The Lunch Lady
Peter Louca
Simone McDonnell
Andrew Bovell
Kate Richter
Eugenia Fragos
Andy Baker
Claude Gonzalez
Craig Williams
Greg Marsh
John Hill
Richard Harris
Thea Butler
Zoran Malic
Greg Mackie
Lily Jacobs
Jumpgate VR
Frewville Foodland
Country Arts SA – Steve Saffell, Anthony Peluso, Craig Harrison, Kyra Herzfeld, Joy Lothian, Louisa Norman
Jo Kerlogue
Aaron Brumby 

And finally…
For the film you wrote
For supporting Australian cinema
For partying hard
For being so pretty/handsome
For always being there.