Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund Slate

30 August 2013

Tracks – Opening Night The much-anticipated Australian premiere of Tracks, directed by John Curran opens the Festival on Thursday October 10. Starring Mia Wasikowska, and filmed in South Australia, it tells the inspirational true story of Robyn Davidson’s 2700km solo trek from the harsh centre of Australia to the Indian Ocean.

Charlie’s Country, from director Rolf de Heer. Starring David Gulpilil as Charlie. Getting older and with life more difficult on his remote community, he takes off to live the old way, but in doing so sets off a chain of events that has him return to his community somewhat the wiser. WORLD PREMIERE.

The Darkside, from director Warwick Thornton, and starring Deborah Mailman, Bryan Brown, Aaron Pedersen and Sharri Sebbens. Thornton assembles a collection of poignant ghost stories from across Australia and brings them to life with some of the country’s most renowned actors. WORLD PREMIERE.

52 Tuesdays, directed by Sophie Hyde, follows 16-year-old Billie who must deal with her mother’s plans to undergo gender transition. Their time together becomes limited to Tuesday afternoons. Filmed over the course of a year – once a week, every week – this is an emotionally charged exploration of desire and transformation. WORLD PREMIERE.

My 52 Tuesdays is a companion web and smart-phone project to 52 Tuesdays. Launched on October 10, participants are asked a question each Tuesday for 52 weeks, asked to record their answer and take a pic of it. How do you live your 52 Tuesdays? WORLD PREMIERE.

All This Mayhem, a feature documentary about Tas and Ben Pappas, who rose from the western suburbs of Melbourne to become the top vert skateboarders in the world. But their success was not enough to prevent the brothers from falling into a drug-fuelled spiral from which only one returns. WORLD PREMIERE.

Muriel Matters, a documentary from director Sonia Bible. In London 1909, an actress from Adelaide makes worldwide headlines after taking to the skies under a 25-metre balloon emblazoned with ‘Votes For Women’. WORLD PREMIERE.

Welcome to Iron Knob, directed by Dave Wade, and starring Linda Cropper. After a young boy accidentally shoots a stranger, it is left to the townsfolk of Iron Knob to cover it up. WORLD PREMIERE.

Ringbalin, from director Ben Pederick, tells the story of an Aboriginal elder, tired of watching his ancestral home at the end of the Coorong die. He goes on a 2300 kilometre pilgrimage to dance the spirit back into the river. WORLD PREMIERE.

The Boy Castaways a feature rock musical directed by Michael Kantor. Starring Megan Washington, Tim Rogers and Paul Capsis, it was filmed at Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre. WORLD PREMIERE.
Tender is a feature documentary from director Lynette Wallworth. Set against the background of a seaside town, Tender presents the heartbreaking and funny story of an extraordinary group of people taking on one of the most essential aspects of human life… its end. WORLD PREMIERE.

I Want to Dance Better at Parties is a documentary drama from directors Matthew Bate and Gideon Obarzanek. Based on a true story, this hybrid film fuses documentary, drama and dance to tell the story of a man recovering from the death of his wife who takes up dance classes to confront his loneliness. WORLD PREMIERE.

Daniel Crooks. Featuring as part of AFF’s Art and the Moving Image, program is Australia’s first survey of significant work by internationally acclaimed, Australian-based artist Daniel Crooks. The exhibition will feature the world premiere of new work commissioned by the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund and the Samstag Museum of Art.

Web TV. With special guests from across Australia as well as overseas guests on Skype, the AFF will explore the brave new world of online content – a dynamic new platform to test and present ideas, material and marketing approaches. Includes the premiere of the web series that have been co-commissioned by MRC and AFFIF.