4 May 2015

Adelaide Film Festival (AFF) will co-present a 9:16 special event, A Showcase of Vertical Cinema and is calling for entries to premiere at the event.

Following the success of the 2014 inaugural 9:16 Film Festival in Port Adelaide, produced by Mike Retter and Chris Luscri, AFF is committed to working with 9:16 organisers in supporting the growing Vertical Cinema movement and presenting this in Port Adelaide.

9:16 is a unique format and cinema experience. It turns the conventional cinema screen 90 degrees so audiences are watching a tall-screen. Content is specially made and 9:16 is a format that encourages diverse film practitioners to work in a new way, to experiment, to rip apart the old hierarchies, push themselves and innovate.

AFF and 9:16 are inviting filmmakers to create and submit short works up to 9 minutes in duration to be a part of this unique format. Submitted films selected by 9:16 will be presented at a showcase event at the Flour Shed at Hart’s Mill, Port Adelaide during this year’s AFF (October 15-25).

The Port Adelaide screening event, supported by Our Port and Renewal SA, will also incorporate the presentation of exclusively commissioned works and a curated selection of the best “Vertical Cinema” works from around the world. 

“The 9:16 event is a new component of the Adelaide Film Festival to showcase the growing movement towards Vertical Cinema,” said Amanda Duthie, AFF Director and CEO. “We are excited to be collaborating with Mike and Chris on this event and thrilled to be presenting it at Port Adelaide.”

Port Adelaide based Film Buff Central video store proprietor and co-producer of 9:16 Mike Retter said:

“Cinema has to continually reinvent itself to stay relevant and nothing better captures a person’s portrait than Vertical Cinema. Port Adelaide has such a rich and interesting history of cinema and it’s great that such a leap into the cinematic unknown can be taken here.”

Chris Luscri, 9:16 co-producer added: “We are looking for a wide variety of films in a diverse number of forms and genres – from documentaries and animations, to genre films, musicals and performance pieces, short dramas, physical comedies, gallery and installation work.”

Deadline for 9:16 entries is August 18, 2015. For more information, including entry guidelines and how to submit a 9:16 film, click here.

Returning in October, Adelaide Film Festival again promises to highlight the best of local, Australian and internationally produced films, with an eclectic mix of cinema, television, art and the moving image.