The HIVE LAB brings talented filmmakers and artists together for a residential workshop to nurture screen-based creative ideas that cut across artistic boundaries. The HIVE LAB Creative Producer and Director, along with a team of skilled mentors, introduces filmmakers to ideas and potential collaborators from other art forms, and inspires artists, writers, choreographers, theatre practitioners and musicians to consider film as a creative outlet. The 2011 and 2012 HIVE LABs were led by Wendy Levy, Director of New Arts Axis, a media consultancy at the intersection of storytelling, technology and human rights.

Initiated by the Adelaide Film Festival, the HIVE LAB partners include ABC TV Arts, Screen Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts and South Australian Film Corporation.

HIVE LAB #4, October 2017 – Adelaide Film Festival

Lead Convenors: Chris Drummond and Samantha Lang

Mentors: Neil Armfield, Linda Brusasco, Rolf de Heer, Bridget Ikin, Judith Lucy, Nerida Moore, Annabelle Sheehan, Tusi Tamasese

Participants: Zanny Begg, Richard Bell, Kate Blackmore, Erin Fowler, Andrée Greenwell, John Harvey, Sue Healey, Audrey Lam, Eugenia Lim, Steven Oliver, Steve Mayhew, Matt Vesely

HIVE LAB #3, October 2015 – Adelaide Film Festival

Lead Convenors: Mandy Chang and Chris Drummond, alongside acclaimed filmmaker and artist Lynette Wallworth.

Mentors: Andrew Bovell, Bridget Ikin, Jo Dyer, John Harvey, Robert Connolly, Veronica Gleeson

Participants: Andy Packer, Brendan Fletcher, Bruce Gladwin, Clare Bowditch, Emma Magenta, Geordie Brookman, Madeleine Parry, Matthew Sleeth, Nakkiah Lui, Qing Xie, Trent Parke, Victoria Cocks

HIVE LAB #2, October 2012 – Melbourne Arts Festival

Lead Convenor: Wendy Levy

Mentors: Andrew Bovell, Iain Grandage, Bridget Ikin, Michael Kantor, Fee Plumley, Lynette Wallworth

Participants: Lucinda Clutterbuck, Dr Brenda Croft, Sascha Ettinger Epstein, John Gillies, Sam Haren, Cat Jones, Lally Katz, Daniel Koerner, Samantha Lang, Paola Morabito, Eddie Perfect, Natasha Pincus, Sophie Raymond, Sean Riley, Rachael Swain, Nassiem Valamanesh, Eddie White

HIVE LAB #1, February 2011 – Adelaide Film Festival

Lead Convenor: Wendy Levy

Mentors: Lynette Wallworth, Bridget Ikin, Penny Woolcock, Gita Pullapilly, Aron Gaudet, Pamela Z, Anita Ondine, Laura Hilliger, Samantha Lang

Participants: Matthew Bate, Anna Broinowski, Kate Champion, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Chris Drummond, Amy Gebhardt, Sophie Hyde, Glendyn Ivin, Michael Kantor, Tony Krawitz, Bryan Mason, Rosemary Myers, Susan Norrie, Gideon Obarzanek, Ashlee Page, Garry Stewart, Jason Sweeney, Meryl Tankard, Richard Tognetti, Lynette Wallworth, Alexis West, Matthew Whitte


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