The Boy Castaways

2013 | Feature Fiction | 85 mins

DIRECTOR: Michael Kantor
PRODUCERS: Jo Dyer, Stephen Armstrong
SCREENWRITERS:  Raimondo Cortese, Michael Kantor

The Boy Castaways a metaphysical thriller that sees four men drawn into a grand cabaret of the soul. What happens when the stage becomes your world?
Four drifters find themselves lured into a vast playhouse, deep in the heart of the city. Taken in hand by the enigmatic leading lady, the men are plunged ever deeper into a labyrinth of jealousy, betrayal, violence and sex, dissolving the lines between desire and death.
 Populated with Australia’s brightest lights of theatre, music and film and a remarkable score that recalls the songs of the present and the past, Kantor’s film is a haunting ode to the magic of the stage and the visceral power of music.

Melbourne Festival, Cork, Bahamas

The Boy Castaways was supported by HIVE, a unique collaboration between the ADL Film Fest Fund, Screen Australia, ABC Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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