A Showcase Of The Best Fiction And Documentary Shorts Produced In SA

17 August 2018

Davi, A Stone’s Throw and more to be announced!

The next generation of screen storytellers strut their highly impressive stuff in Made in SA, a showcase of the very best fiction and documentary shorts produced in South Australia over the past 12 months. Screening before selected features, these tales from the city and stories from the bush feature everything from cutting edge SFX to inventive use of new technology including drone cinematography. Has SA got an abundance of up-and-coming filmmaking talent? The answer here can only be a resounding yes.


World Premiere

One person’s water is another’s torture.

With the unique ability to emit pure water, The Numi are the Dry Land’s most valuable slaves. When young Numi, Davi and her sister are captured and ‘milked’ for their water, Davi must find a way to outsmart her abusers.

A Stone’s Throw

World Premiere

What would you do to protect your child from jail?

With their comatose daughter suspected of manslaughter, and police on their way to the hospital, two troubled parents must decide whether to lie to protect her.

The Made in SA Gala Screening is on Monday 15 October at 6:45pm. Tickets are available now. More to be announced soon!