TERROR NULLIUS 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Experimental | Feature
Director  Soda_Jerk
Australia | 54 mins | 2018

South Australian Premiere

“a crazy, punch-drunk, astral-projecting, bizarro roller-coaster ride through Australian cinema” (The Guardian)

Soda_Jerk made headlines earlier this year when the Ian Potter Cultural Trust withdrew its support for the project it had helped to fund. And yes, it certainly lives up to their fears. A young Nicole Kidman leaps her BMX over Mad’s Interceptor, registering a righteous feminist anger in this wildly imaginative and deeply subversive mash-up of Australian cinema and politics from the sisters/art collective, Soda_Jerk. Taking Australia films since 1967 as found footage to be recombined and digitally composited, new political meanings suddenly explode. Pauline Hanson stands shoulder to shoulder with the Humungus while Skippy ponders the politics of queer theory. Their intervention into Australian culture brings women, refugees, indigenous and gay people out from the margins in truly radical (and very funny) fashion.

“a weird, dazzling, kinetic, dizzyingly ambitious, sensationally mishmashed beast of an Australian film, one part video art installation project, one part revisionist documentary, and one part, I don’t know – LSD-infused YouTube compilation video?... And it is a crazy, punch-drunk, astral-projecting, bizarro roller-coaster ride through Australian cinema, with an unnerving ability to observe things that were never said and forge connections that were never made.” (Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian Australia)

Meet the artists in conversation with Erica Green, Director, Samstag Museum

Funding Partners: ACMI

Director Soda_Jerk | Producer Soda_Jerk | Editor Soda_Jerk | Post-Production: Soda_Jerk, Sam Smith, Sound Design: Soda_Jerk, Sam Smith

Screens with: Oz?


GU Film House Adelaide
Thu 11/10
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

GU Film House Adelaide
Sat 13/10
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM