Jubilee R 18+

Fiction | Feature
Director  Derek Jarman
United Kingdom | 106 mins | 1978

Welcome to the wasteland, 1977.

The first British punk movie begins with a brilliant idea and never looks back. Queen Elizabeth I is magically transported to 1977 during the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. What does she find? A crumbling wasteland overrun by angry punks, of course! Directed by painter-filmmaker Derek Jarman (Wittgenstein), this stunning vision of punk-fueled social apocalypse features a great cast (Adam Ant, Toyah Willcox, Little Nell) and a killer soundtrack including Suzi Pinns’ majestic interpretation of 'Rule, Brittania!'. God Save the Queen, indeed!

"Jubilee is a Molotov Cocktail of celluloid – a film that practically dares you to watch it."(Film Threat)

Director Derek Jarman | Screenwriter Derek Jarman | Composer Brian Eno | Cinematographer Peter Middleton | Editor Nick Barnard | Cast Adam Ant, Toyah Willcox, Little Nell