Frida & Diego: The Australian Years All ages

Fiction | Short
Director  Marion Pilowsky
Australia | 5 mins | 2016
English, Spanish with English subtitles

Once upon a time Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera tried to make a go of it in Australia. Devastated by an artistic scandal in New York they exiled themselves first to Port Adelaide, a place of industry and real people. In this new land they hoped to find creative sanctuary and succour. Away from the demons that haunt their past, Frida and Diego unravel the mysteries of modern Australian life. Based on real events as imagined by Marion Pilowsky.

Director Marion Pilowsky | Producer Georgia Humphreys | Screenwriter Marion Pilowsky | Cinematographer David Roberts | Editor Veronica Buhagiar | Composer Luis Almau | Cast Tiriel Mora, Maria Humphreys, Luke Mckenzie