The Nothing Factory 18+

Fiction | Feature
Director  Pedro Pinho
Portugal | 176 mins | 2017
French, Portuguese with English subtitles

Australian Premiere

FIPRESCI Critics Award, Directors' Fortnight, Cannes

The closure of a Lisbon elevator factory is another small defeat to be endured by workers. The replacement of labour through transnational re-location or new technologies is the defining economic characteristic of our time. How do you deal with capitalism when there are no alternatives left standing? Pedro Pinho’s masterly response tries out a whole range of filmmaking strategies. Mixing fiction and documentary is only the start: throw in some punk rock, a little Marxist overview, the Brechtian device of a filmmaker, even a utopian moment of neo-realist song and dance, and you’ll get the picture of a film so full of ideas, that it can’t stand still in one place. Workers are in a war, and inventiveness might be the only weapon left.

Director Pedro Pinho | Screenwriter Tiago Hespanha, Luisa Homem, Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho | Producer João Matos | Cinematographer Vasco Viana | Editor Luisa Homem