Tehran Taboo 18+

Animation | Feature
Director  Ali Soozandeh
Austria, Germany | 90 mins | 2017
Persian with English subtitles

“Fizzes with energy and bad behaviour” (Screen Daily)

Animation provides Iranian-born but German-based Ali Soozandeh with the perfect means with which to address the underbelly of contemporary Iranian society. The story centres on truly taboo material: a prostitute who is forced to take her young son with her while she turns tricks. She moves through a city awash with drugs and male hypocrisy. Iranian cinema has been inspirational for the myriad ways that artists have found to work around a repressive censorship system. As the director notes, sometimes animation can be used not in the service of fantasy, but rather to enhance realism, to show things that would otherwise remain unseen.

Director Ali Soozandeh | Screenwriter Grit Kienzlen, Ali Soozandeh | Producer Ali Samadi Ahadi, Mark Fencer, Frank Geiger, Armin Hofmann | Composer Ali N. Askin | Cinematographer Martin Gschlacht | Editor Frank Geiger, Andrea Mertens