Bad Blood 18+

Fiction | Feature
Director  David Pulbrook
Australia | 90 mins | 2017

World Premiere

We all have a story we want to hide. But sometimes it comes knocking...

You can’t pass up a thriller shot in Adelaide with a predominantly local cast and crew and supported by the SAFC. Local hero Xavier Samuel stars as Vincent, a successful author harbouring a dark secret from his past and haunted by a mysterious and dangerous figure. Who’s following him? And what do they want? When Vincent asks his fiancée Carrie on a romantic weekend away, cracks start appearing that threaten their happy and secure relationship. And maybe even their lives. Produced by Ozploitation pioneer Antony Ginnane (whose Adelaide productions date back to the 1980s) and another prominent local, David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek).

Director David Pulbrook | Screenwriter Patrick Edgeworth, David Pulbrook | Producer Antony I. Ginnane, David Lightfoot | Composer Michael Allen | Cinematographer Lee Pulbrook | Editor Rohan Cooper | Cast Xavier Samuel, Morgan Griffin, Tess Fowler, Rob Macpherson, Elena Carapetis