Director: Carlos López Estrada
United States
95 minutes
Unclassified 15+

Rise up singin' with a cinematic hymn to community.

A rollerskating poet collides with selfie opportunists in Venice Beach. A babysitter soliloquises her queer pride for fellow passengers on a Metro bus. A young man rails against gentrification on his city-wide search for a cheeseburger. Over one oppressive summer’s day in LA, the lives of 25 young people intersect like cracks in concrete. Their respective stories – shared via the medium of spoken word and slam poetry – speak to experiences of race, gender, sexuality and capitalism in the cultural West. Upon reaching critical mass, they craft a lyrical love-letter to the City of Angels, emphasising the therapeutic role that writing, music and creativity play in our everyday lives. Summertime is an audacious joyride, fueled by DIY verve and the power of words.

School’s Out
Not everything cinema has to offer can be learned in a classroom – those grittily realistic or poetic flights filled with a representation of youth so achingly true that they will pierce your young heart. These require a singular relationship between you and the big screen. So, leave the guide behind and come to School’s Out.

Update: 21/07

In light of the COVID-19 lockdown beginning on July 21st, the Adelaide Film Festival Youth is disappointed to announce that the inaugural edition of the festival, due to begin on July 25th, will not proceed as planned. 
Safety is our primary concern.
We are consulting with SA Health and Department for Education to explore potential alternative presentation dates and modes, and encourage audiences to hold onto their tickets until contacted by our Box Office team.
Enquiries can be directed to [email protected]

Program Strand School's Out
Premiere Australian
Age Recommendation 15+
Language English
Director Carlos López Estrada
Producer Kimberley Stuckwisch, Jeffrey Soros, Alisa Tager, Simon Horseman, Carlos López Estrada, Diane Luby Lane
Cast Tyris Winter, Marquesha Barbers, Maia Mayor, Austin Antione, Bryce Banks, Amaya Blankenship, Bene't Benton, Jason Alvarez, Gordon Ip

Screens with: Wirun

Director: Chad O’Brien
9 minutes
Unclassified 15+

A young Indigenous girl must dig deep to own her performance of a Shakespearean sonnet for her high school drama class in this powerful Australian short film

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Age Recommendation 15+
Language English
Director Chad O’Brien
Producer Jemma Douglas, Ebony McGuire, Chad O'Brien
Screenwriters Chad O’Brien, Ebony McGuire
Cast Ebony McGuire