Wed Oct 26, 6:15 PM
Director: Michelle Garza Cervera
Mexico, Peru
93 minutes
Unclassified 18+

“A nightmare journey through the dark side of motherhood” (Screen Daily)

Valeria and husband Raul have fulfilled one of the dreams of their young lives: she is pregnant. Thrilled anticipation turns to dread as Valeria is plagued at first by feelings of self-doubt, then confusing memories of her wilder past, and finally visions of a demonic, bone-crunching female creature that emanates death. To shake off her malaise she rekindles a relationship with old flame Octavia, and unwittingly embarks on a journey that winds through the dark folklore of Mexico towards the crossroads of a stark personal choice. A deeply unsettling, tightly controlled psychological horror that plays on the unspoken loss of individual identity that comes with motherhood, Huesera announces a brilliant new voice in the genre in Michelle Garza Cervera.

Huesera is propelled by an undisguised, catch-in-your-throat fierceness in its determination to say something really meaningful about the dark side of motherhood; if nothing else, this is one of the most refreshingly honest films of 2022.” (AWFJ Women on Film)

Huesera is more than what was achieved on a filmmaking and storytelling level. It's the kind of psychological horror that is going to land differently for different people, a horror film that will speak to a broader audience. (Screen Anarchy)

Best New Narrative Director, Tribeca 2022.
Nora Ephron Prize, Tribeca, 2022.

Program Strand Feature Fiction Competition
Age Recommendation Unclassified 18+
Language Spanish
Subtitles English
Director Michelle Garza Cervera
Producer Paulina Villavicencio, Edher Campos
Writer Michelle Garza Cervera, Abia Castillo
Cinematographer Nur Rubio Sherwell
Editor Adriana Martínez
Cast Natalia Solián, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Batalla, Mercedes Hernández
Genre Award Winner, Drama, Horror, LGBTQIA+