Director: Victor Kossakovsky
93 minutes
Unclassified 15+

“A landmark film from a bracingly original filmmaker.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Welcome to the lives of farm animals. This unique documentary (executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, whose speech at the Oscars now makes a lot more sense) has been universally praised for having the courage to treat animals as animals, refusing to take the easy option of sentimentalising or anthropomorphizing them. With glowing black-and-white cinematography, and an absence of voiceover narration and music, this film does not preach at us, but assumes that we should be interested in the way animals live. Meet Gunda the pig as she interacts with her piglets; there is a one-legged chicken that explores its farmyard, and a couple of cows who do, well, cow stuff. Watch and you will see that animals are not simply lumps of potential meat. They think and feel, and sure, they do it differently from us, but we need to respect that difference.

“More experience than movie, Gunda is a visionary case for veganism in black and white. No matter how people choose to process Gunda, the filmmaker has captured an undeniable emotional process never seen in quite such terms before.” (IndieWire)

“pulls in the viewer with images of astounding beauty…No party-line screed, Gunda is a soul-stirring meditation on some of our most underappreciated fellow earthlings. For many viewers, it could well be life-changing too.” (Hollywood Reporter)

“simple but entirely astonishing…Its radiantly beautiful imagery and gently immersive storytelling aren’t in service of a single browbeating message, but a broader, holistic view of where we and the animals we rear, use and consume fit into a single circle of life. “ (Variety)

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Changing The Status Quo
Language No Dialogue
Director Victor Kossakovsky
Producer Anita Rehoff Larsen, Joslyn Barnes
Screenwriters Victor Kossakovsky, Ainara Vera
Cinematographer Egil Håskjold Larsen, Victor Kossakovsky
Editor Victor Kossakovsky, Ainara Vera
Accolades Berlin, 2020
Genre Environmental, Wildlife