Sat Oct 29, 1:00 PM
Director: Rhian Skirving, Bruce Permezel
88 minutes
All Ages

Imagine a house that grows all the food you’ll ever need.

Imagine a house that grows its own food. That’s the vision of environmental campaigner Joost Bakker, who was once dubbed the ‘Poster Boy of Zero Waste Living’ by The New York Times. This inspiring feature documentary follows Bakker as he builds a self-sustaining home, an ecosystem that provides its occupants with water, energy, shelter and nourishment.

Joined in his work by internationally acclaimed chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett. Bakker faces his fair share of challenges to finish the home. Bureaucratic delays, COVID shutdowns and blackouts all threaten the build. But ultimately, GREENHOUSE is an uplifting look at the teamwork and ingenuity behind a paradigm-shifting project that bursts with life. Filmed over the course of a year in beautiful central Melbourne, GREENHOUSE cleverly incorporates social media content to demonstrate the reach and influence of Bakker’s project. The documentary was created by the multi- award-winning Australian production company GoodThing Productions.

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Change Award
Language English
Director Rhian Skirving, Bruce Permezel
Producer Nick Batzias, Charlotte Wheaton
Writer Rhian Skirving
Cinematographer Bruce Permezel, Dale Cochrane, Dale Cochrane, Bruce Permezel
Editor Alex Archer
Genre Architecture, Environmental Issues, Social Issue