Director: Tracey Deer
92 minutes
Unclassified 15+

A memoir of sovereignty in south Montreal.

Based on true events, this radical coming-of-age story remembers the 1990s Oka Crisis through children’s eyes. Sweet, obedient Tekehentahkhwa (Kiawenti:io Tarbell, Anne with an E) – nicknamed ‘Beans’ for the ease of her white peers – is a Mohawk girl standing at the cliff face of adolescence. When a land rights dispute divides her small hometown, Beans is inspired by her First Nations family, fighting to protect a pine forest and sacred burial grounds for the expansion of a golf course. Closer to home, she finds excitement under the broken wing of older teen April (Paulina J Alexis, Ghostbusters: Afterlife). Soon enough, Beans is going toe-to-toe with racist cops, sleazy boys, even her own parents, as she struggles to decide not what she wants to be when she grows up, but who.

Thur 29 Jul 9.45am – 11.32am | Screens with short Bama
Thur 29 Jul 5.30pm – 7.20pm | Screens in School's Out program strand with short Sparkles

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Program Strand Feature Fiction
Premiere South Australian
Age Recommendation 15+
Language English
Director Tracey Deer
Producer Anne-marie Gélinas
Screenwriters Tracey Deer, Meredith Vuchnich
Cinematographer Marie Davignon
Editor Sophie Farkas Bolla
Cast Rainbow Dickerson, Violah Beauvais, Paulina Alexis, Kiawentiio Tarbell

Screens with: Bama

Director: Jahvis Loveday
5 minutes
Unclassified 15+

Home is where your country is

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Premiere South Australian
Age Recommendation 15+
Language English
Director Jahvis Loveday