I Want to Dance Better at Parties

I Want to Dance Better at Parties

2013 | Short | 28 mins

DIRECTORS: Matthew Bate and Gideon Obarzanek
PRODUCER: Rebecca Summerton
SCREENWRITERS: Matthew Bate, Gideon Obarzanek

Recovering from the tragic death of his wife, Phillip Rose finds himself in middle age both a single parent and a single man. After a clumsy episode on a dance floor at a house warming party, he begins private dance classes with Melissa, a young instructor. Over a number of lessons their friendships evolves, and Phillip confronts his loneliness and isolation while learning a variety of Latin dances.

Based on a true story this hybrid film fuses documentary, drama and dance to create a unique and moving portrait of a grieving man.

Cork, Sydney – Dendy Competition

Best Live Action Short – Dendy Awards

I Want To Dance Better at Parties was supported by HIVE, a unique collaboration between the ADL Film Fest Fund, Screen Australia, ABC Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts.