David Stratton A Cinematic Life

thumb2016 | Feature Documentary | 110 mins

Director: Sally Aitken
Producers: Jo-anne McGowan, Jen Peedom
Cast: David Stratton

David Stratton, our most revered film critic, takes us on an intimate journey through stories of iconic Australian cinema, revealing what it says about us.

Through the eyes of David Stratton, our most revered film critic, this is an intimate journey into the stories of iconic Australian cinema. David reveals the ways in which our films have impacted how the world sees us, but also how we see ourselves, helping shape our sense of identity.

In the 55 years since he became Director of the Sydney Film Festival in 1966, David Stratton has seen generations of Australian actors and filmmakers come of age. This work in progress screening is a celebration of 110 years of Australian Cinema history and its creators.