The Eulogy 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Director  Janine Hosking
Australia | 103 mins | 2018

South Australian Premiere

‘Geoffrey Tozer’s death is a national tragedy.’ - The Hon. Paul Keating

Geoffrey Tozer was one of Australia’s most brilliant, prolific and least understood pianists. From child prodigy to youngest-ever semi-finalist at the famous Leeds Piano Competition, he dazzled audiences around the world. As an adult Geoffrey Tozer continued to perform in Australia and internationally but for a career that promised and delivered so much, Tozer’s end was shocking. At his memorial service in 2009, Paul Keating delivered a searing eulogy, a gauntlet flung into the face of Australia’s media, politicians and arts institutions for their brutal indifference. Intrigued by Keating’s controversial eulogy, conductor and music educator Richard Gill goes on a journey to discover the truth of Tozer’s tumultuous life. The epic tale and musical legacy of one of the greatest pianists Australia never really knew is finally revealed—and it should start a long overdue conversation of how much we value the work of the artists among us.

Filmmakers, Janine Hosking, Trish Lake and Katey Grusovin in attendance on Sunday 21st October.

Director Janine Hosking | Producer Trish Lake, Janine Hosking, Katey Grusovin | Screenwriter Katey Grusovin | Cinematographer Rod Pollard | Cast Geoffrey Tozer, Richard Gill AO | Distributor Madman


GU Film House Adelaide
Sun 14/10
11:30 AM - 1:19 PM
The Eulogy (109 mins)

GU Film House Adelaide
Sun 21/10
11:00 AM - 1:19 PM
The Eulogy (139 mins)