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Whisper With the Wind

Whisper With the Wind

TRANSLATION: Sirta la gal ba
DIRECTOR: Shahram Alidi
Iran, Iraq : 2009 : 77MINS : Kurdish : English subtitles
Sometimes horror gives rise to great and impassioned art.
During the 1980s Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq undertook a campaign of genocide against the Kurdish people. 182,000 were gassed or buried alive and many women were imprisoned in labour camps and brothels. Sometimes horror gives rise to great and impassioned art. Shahram Alidi's breathtaking film begins by invoking the figure of a mother prostrate on her son's grave. By dawn the cemetery is alive with the fragrance of mother's milk. This is only the first of a myriad of highly poetic and unfailingly inventive ways in which Alidi gestures towards the despair and hope inherent in recent Kurdish history. Mam Baldar, a grizzled old survivor, travels the high mountains with a beat-up cassette recorder relaying messages between villages and recording traces of whole communities that have been wiped away. His final triumph, the triumph of art, is to give proof of the indomitable will of a people to survive.

Ten Evening News – International Award for Best Feature Film

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Fri 25 Feb 1:00 PMPalace 7  
Thu 3 Mar 7:30 PMPalace 6  

CAST: Omer Chawshin,Maryam Boubani,Fakher Mohammad Barzani,Bistoun Ali Ghader
FESTIVALS: Cannes, Tokyo, Göteborg
AWARDS: Young Critics Award, Cannes
DIRECTOR PROFILE: Shahram Alidi was born in 1971 in a Kurdish region of Iran. He studied at Tehran University and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before moving into theatre and cinema. He has made a significant number of short films before his feature debut, Whisper with the Wind (2009).

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