ADL Film Fest Thanks

Adelaide Film Festival Volunteers – you are simply the best!

Our wonderful Front of House and Box Office Staff for ensuring that #YOUCANSEE your film

Sandra Sdraulig AM  – Chair
Maria Ravese  – Audit Sub Committee Chair
Martha Coleman
Andrew Mackie
Sandy Verschoor

Margaret Pomeranz
David Stratton

General Manager – Fiona Heuch
Finance Manager – Taisija Pedler
Marketing & Communications Director – Laura Vozzo
Program Manager – Mat Kesting
Head of Production – Freddy Komp
Ticketing Services Manager – Dani Raymond
Administration Coordinator – Callum McLean
Graphic Designer – Jesse Miles
Senior Marketing Coordinator  – Elizabeth Cook
Marketing Coordinator – Steph Mitchell
Volunteer Coordinator – Azusa Kyushiki
Program Coordinator – Justin Martyniuk
Production Coordinatior – Richard Seidel
Coordinator, Guest & Industry Liaison – Olga Nowicka
Box Office Manager – Jennifer Heuch
Travel & Ground Transport Coordinator – Rose McGrannachan
Submissions Coordinator/Curator in Residence – Emma Hough Hobbs
Print & Freight Coordinator – Brock Taffe
Special Projects Manager – Alison Kershaw
Screen Content Producer – Jocelyn Millar
Front of House Manager – Melissa Little
Contributing Writers – Olivia De Zilva, Bonnie Parker
Program Writer – Mike Walsh, Richard Kuipers

Production Crew
Ben Sweeney, Calen Vanstone, Catherine Hart, Christian Rülecke, James Wire, Mitre Khammash, Steve Virgo, Zinta Martirovs

Major Venue
Anthony Kiernan and Ben Beatty, GU Film House Adelaide

Alex McKenzie, Brendan Kearns, Carla Phillips, Ella Worthington, Lily Waterhouse, Megan Oxenham, Paul Howe, Roby D’Ottavi

Creative Campaign
Special thanks to NATION – Cinzia Di Vito & Nick Brz
Production Company: Closer Productions, Matt Bate
Campaign Photography: Jessica Clark Photography
Talent: Glenys Jones OAM, Luis Vallejo, Natasha Wanganeen, Pele K, Rashidi Edward
Casting: Heesom Casting, Angela and Louise Heesom
Ticketing, website and app powered by Artfuel by I-Nex
Innovative Festival Management systems for Australian arts organisations

Production Partners
AV: Mosaic, Craig Williams
Distribution: Mad Promo
Market Research: Square Holes
Economic Impact Research: Barry Burgan
Printed Program: Print Solutions, Chris Doak
Content Producers: Channel 44
Signage: Adam Ross, VisualCom
Collateral: Bowden Print Group

Tess Appleby, Sandy Cameron, Alice Clanachan, Catherine Fitzgerald, Nicholas Godfrey, Amanda Hawley, Becci Love, Ben McCann, James O’Connor, Maddie Parry, Kirsty Stark, David Swallow, Maureen Swallow, James Taylor, Anna Vincent, Natasha Wanganeen, Eddie White

Extra Special Thanks to…
Victoria Treole, Adam Gray, Adrian Bennett, Alex Sizer, Alison Beare, Amanda Blair, Andrew Heuch, Anton Andreacchio, Ben Beatty, Benji Barry, Brad Wenske, Carley Clark-Carran, Carlo Andreacchio, Charlton, Channel 44 staff & volunteers, Dale Fairbairn, Diane & Richard McLean, Edoardo Crismani, Erica Green, Fiona Hann, Flinders University staff and interns, Frewies Foodland, Gaelle Mellis, Gail Kovatseff, Hugo Pedler, Jamey, Jan Kershaw, Jane Schoettle, Jennifer Heuch, Jeremy and the HEM, Jessica Foreman, John Cirocco, John Croucher, Judy Potter, Kara Clark Komp, Karen Karpinski, Kevin Du Preez, Kingsley Foreman, Kirsty Cornford, Kylie Flanagan, Lee-Ann Buckskin, Leigh McGrane, Lisa Heuch, Lisa Hinks, Malcolm Ludgate, Mandy Chang, Marc Webb, Marcia next door, Maria Vozzo, Mark de Raad, Mark Duffy, Mark Ellis, Mary, Maryanne Redpath, Menk Novakovic, Michael Farquharson, Milo, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Mon Cochon, Nathan Riches, Nerida Moore, Nick Shimmin, Oliver Jenner O’Shea, Patrick Lang, Pele Kuipers, Penny Smallacombe, Peter Diamond, Peter Liivamagi, Piers Mussared, Pixie Stardust, Richard Kuipers, Ronnie, Rosie Sheeba, Ruel, Ryder Grindle, Sally Caplan, Sally Riley, Sarah Gunn, Sarah Lancaster, Satu Teppo, Savannah Glynn-Braun, Scott C Gregory, Screen Australia, Seema Mahanian, Simon Bryant, Simon Robinson, Snap Printing City East crew, Steven Kennedy, Sue Austin, TAFE SA staff and interns, the # Boys, the staff at GU Film House Adelaide and Glenelg, the staff at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas, the staff at the Mercury Cinema, the staff at the Odeon Cinema, Thea Butler, Tony Grybowski, Ulrike Klein, UniSA staff and interns, Vangie, Zoe Seidel.

Thanks to Adele Hann and Marg Winterhalder – you’ll always be part of our Festival family and our Hybrid World Adelaide air family

ADL Film Fest Club members, and all the friendly distributors for their generosity.

Adelaide Film Festival pays respect to all of those in our industry who sadly left our sphere this year. We thank you for your passion, vision and contribution.

And finally…YOU!
For supporting cinema from everywhere…
For your sense of adventure and desire to discover new screen stories…
For always being there…