ADL Film Fest Thanks

AFF Board
Sandra Sdraulig AM  – Chair
Greg Knagge – Deputy Chair
Maria Ravese  – Audit Sub Committee Chair
Martha Coleman
Andrew Mackie
Jamie Restas

Margaret Pomeranz
David Stratton

AFF Team
Festival Director/CEO – Amanda Duthie
General Manager – Fiona Heuch
Finance Manager – Perla Soberon-Brittle
Marketing & Partnership Manager – Clare Healy
Program Manager – Mat Kesting
Production Manager – Freddy Komp
Box Office Manager – Jude Gaffney
Graphic Designer – Jesse Miles
Marketing & Partnership Coordinator  – Dani Raymond
Digital Marketing Coordinator – Kat Ortega
Volunteer Coordinator – Kylie Thane
Program Coordinator – Tess Appleby
HIVE LAB Coordinator – Jane Howard
Submissions Coordinator – Justin Martyniuk
Program Writer – Mike Walsh

All of our heroes

Andrew Bunney
Anna Rogers
Anna Wishart
Becci Love
Chrissy Kavanagh
David & Maureen Swallow
Helen Carter
Mark Knight
Ron Hillinga
Sandy Cameron
Sarah Wishart
Tess Appleby
Zoe Wallin

Website Design & Ticketing
I-NEX Corporation

Thanks to…
Marg Winterhalder
The HWA team – Lee, Amanda H, Julia, Ruth, Tess R
Richard, Pele
Adam Gibbons
Annabel & Robert Hill-Smith
Amanda Blair
Paul Jury
Wakefield Press  – Michael Bollen and Julia Beaven
Festivals Adelaide & Christie Anthoney
Rolf & Molly
Judy Potter – SAFC
Annabelle Sheehan – SAFC
Jo Jo
Filmmakers, guests, speakers and moderators
Scrabble SA
Amy Schumer
The Quiz Horse Whisperer, Colin Moglia
Charlie Whiting
Olly, Lisa, Andrew, Jennifer
Snap Adelaide Flinders Street
Frewville Bakery
Gaelle Mellis
Vicki Sowry
Lisa Gerrard
Peter Drew
Maryanne Redpath
Alan Lloyd
Dale Fairbairn
Gabriella Smart
Sports Phan
Jane Marr
Pat Rix
Sue Morley
Bev Scott
Anne Rundle
Jo Kerlogue
Erica Green
One Small Room
Jo Caust
Sue Cato
Penny Smallacombe
Françoise Piron
Alison Bechdel
Kris Lloyd
Brian Parkes
Kimberley Susan
Film Buff Central
The Lunch Lady
Peter Louca
Simone McDonnell
Andrew Bovell
Kate Richter
Eugenia Fragos
Andy Baker
Claude Gonzalez
Craig Williams
Greg Marsh
John Hill
Richard Harris
Thea Butler
Zoran Malic
Greg Mackie
Lily Jacobs
Jumpgate VR
Frewville Foodland
Country Arts SA – Steve Saffell, Anthony Peluso, Craig Harrison, Kyra Herzfeld, Joy Lothian, Louisa Norman
Jo Kerlogue
Aaron Brumby

And finally…
For supporting Australian cinema
For partying hard
For being so pretty/handsome
For always being there.